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Industrial Production

Amyris is industrializing synthetic biology to produce target molecules for our partners and customers around the globe.

Our industrial production relies on established fermentation processes that use our proprietary yeast strains to convert the sugar source into target molecules such as Biofene. While we can use any fermentable sugar in our process, we are focused on Brazilian sugarcane because of cost, availability, and the local industry’s ability to meet international sustainability standards.

Amyris employs a multi-stage scale-up approach to progress from laboratory scale to commercial production scale. We maintain a constant feedback loop between our laboratory, where strains are initially created and improved, and our two pilot plants, where we expose those strains to conditions that simulate an industrial production environment. This allows us to focus our microbe development resources on those strains that demonstrate the potential to scale effectively.

Once a microorganism has been engineered in our laboratories and a scale-up production process tested in our pilot and demonstration plants, Amyris begins commercial production at industrial scale. To support our initial commercial production, Amyris leveraged contract-manufacturing capabilities until it completed construction and commissioning of its own production facility.

Our first purpose-designed industrial manufacturing production facility began operations in Brazil in December 2012. The plant, pictured below, is located at the Paraíso Bioenergia mill, converts sugarcane into Biofene, which is then processed into specific renewable products or our customers. Amyris has plans for additional production facilities to meet growing demand for its renewable products.

Paraiso Oct 2012